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Your Path To More Revenue And High-Value Customers

Performance marketing that works

Don’t waste another dollar on inefficient advertising. Instead, surpass your growth targets and acquire more high-value customers. Trovant Media is a growth marketing agency with a unique approach that will reduce your CAC and increase your ROAS.

Strategic media buying

Conversion-optimized landing pages

Innovative retention strategies

Smart customer segmentation

How we help you grow

We’ll help you develop a holistic growth strategy from lead generation through conversion to  retention—and maximize your ROI at every stage in your funnel.


Effective media planning and buying

Generate the highest ROI on your ad spend with a custom strategy for your business. We fully manage your paid media and make sure it consistently delivers the growth you need. We’re not just running your media and ads, but optimizing them with creative ideas and thorough testing.


Complete funnel optimization

We’re not just delivering clicks. We’re turning them into sales. We can help you weave together your ads, landing pages, website, and email campaigns into an effective sales journey. Then, we measure creative performance and optimize for conversion at every step of your funnel—not just the ads.


Increase lifetime customer value

Growth doesn’t end after a customer’s first purchase. We help you retain customers and drive repeat purchases. First, we help you calculate your customer lifetime value (LTV). Then, we create custom reports that provide insights into how to build better campaigns. Lastly, we create, test, and optimize retention campaigns that deliver loyal customers.


Smart customer segmentation

Sending the same message to every customer doesn’t make sense. We use a unique software platform to create accurate buyer personas based on behavior and shopping data, then craft specific messaging for each one. This approach finds the right person and delivers the right message at the right time (when they’re most likely to buy). 

Our formula for maximizing lifetime customer value (LTV)

We set you up for success with every customer from start to finish. Our onboarding process is designed to systematically optimize each stage of the marketing funnel in order to grow your business.



Tracking audit

You can’t optimize what you don’t track. We help our clients develop and deploy the right tracking solution. There is a new paradigm with conversion tracking since Apple’s AppTracking Transparency (ATT) policy was released. We’ll help you navigate this new world for maximum success.


Conversion-Optimized Design

After optimizing thousands of pages we’re in tune with what works and what doesn’t. Our proven framework combines A/B testing methodology with creative ideas to drive massive results.


Media Testing and optimization

Effective media buying is the combination of creative ideas and data-driven thinking. We help our clients come up with innovative angles to test and open up new segments from proven buyer personas. Everything we do is a blend of creativity and verification to find what drives success.


Email/SMS optimization

We make sure you get the most out of your email and SMS campaigns with a 60-point checkout process that we’ve honed throughout many successful campaigns. Our proven flows ensure you reach customers at the right time with the right message for maximum conversion potential.


Customer Segmentation

Not all customers are created equal, which is why we help you find the best people for your business. We leverage advanced software that matches your customer and shopping data to create buyer personas automatically. Then, we craft creative messaging to speak to each persona and A/B test to perfection.

Case studies on explosive growth
10-Far Niente.png

8x ROI

Luxury wine brand Far Niente generated 15,000 leads with an 8x ROI on ad spend


90% reduced CPA

Thrift store reseller Savers reduced CPA by 90%, cut cost per lead from $130 to $37, and increased conversions by over 300%.

Why customers love working with us
"Trovant Media drove a massive reduction in cost per conversion."

Nancy Storment,

Marketing Partnerships,


10-Far Niente.png

“The percentage of growth was impressive, both in terms of growing our email list and our revenue…. Trovant Media was very successful at helping us launch our new customer acquisition program. In terms of communicating with our existing subscribers and people who had organically come to us and were already interested in us, they were masterful at that as well.”

Rachelle Newbold

Ecommerce Manager, Far Niente Vineyards


“Trovant partnered with Live Tinted in a test-and-learn partnership, as we started to scale up our growth marketing activities. They have the right mix of collaboration, financial discipline, and no-BS approach to help any consumer business in its digital journey.”

Neilesh Mutyala

COO, Live Tinted


“Trovant Media delivered outstanding results, and was delightful (and really fun!) to work with. They helped us conceptualize and scale our paid media program while delivering outstanding ROAS”

Jonny Price

VP of Fundraising, Wefunder

About Trovant Media

Trovant media was founded by Jonathan Wallace in 2015. After 10+ years of working in advertising and technology, he realized that most agencies just focus on executing campaigns and that’s about it. He decided that he could do better. 


Today, Trovant is a growth-obsessed agency that helps clients uncover a holistic strategy to meet their goals and achieve campaign objectives. We’ve developed a unique approach to media buying, customer segmentation, and retention that has proven successful time and time again. We often find insights and make changes that other agencies overlook.


We employ a seasoned media buying team (5 years of experience minimum), use powerful reporting tools to answer questions other agencies aren’t able to, and provide complete transparency to every client.

1652798758693 (2).jpeg
Jonathan Wallace
Founder of Trovant Media
Our experience is your success

15 years of experience

Managed $500M+ in media spend

Clients ranging from startups to enterprise organizations

Brands that we’ve helped grow
10-Far Niente.png
2-MealPal (1).png
13 Sojourn .png
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